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We are here to deliver premium quality products and services to our customers whilst fulfilling our mission to raise awareness and promote Africa's rich heritage. We aim to achieve this by showcasing Africa through its natural resources, culture, fashion, art, music, travel and businesses. Do subscribe to the blog and like our Facebook page to ensure you do not miss out on promotions!

I am sincerely proud of the push you are giving yourself.

Daro Umaigha
Creative Director, BNG Innovates

About Us

Preye Ombu

Creator, MAHS

Welcome to the MAHS Online Store! Everyone regardless of their heritage should enjoy the richness of African Culture. At MAHS we offer healthy hair consultations and showcase African talents including businesses inspired deeply by our love for African culture, hair, fashion, art and music. Many times posts on the blog generate enquiries. We are pleased that we can use this medium to share some of our limited pieces (Made By African; Made In Africa) and provide one-on-one consultations. Do visit our website for more details on the MAHS Manifesto http://www.myafricanhairitagestyle.com/manifesto


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